Nourish Your Body; Nourish Your Life

"I wish I was an ape, because I wouldn't have to bend down to tie my shoes."
"I love Thursday's because it's the only day I don't have ballet, tennis or piano!"
"I did use my words; I called him an  _ _ _hole."
"If we were all the same; nobody would know us."

I learned volumes about nourishing life when I taught pre-school. For example, sand is fun for filling buckets and dump trucks, but it also just - feels - good as it runs through your fingers when you let it flow. Also, young children have an inherent ability to welcome everyone... "you can't say you can't play" echoed through my classroom. I observed that sometimes it is necessary to be bored with no idea what to do next... to just be still for a moment. Do you remember what is was like to spin and spin and spin and spin because you knew that you would giggle as you stagger to the ground to watch the clouds spin into swirls? Image living each day with such wonderment and just... fun.
How we can feed our bodies and our lives, and perhaps regain some of that child like intuition to be nourished and to live nourished?

Taking an integrative approach to nutrition as an educator & coach, I see many families who do not eat together due to the "short order cook" syndrome of pleasing individual palates, and the tag team parenting of shuffling children from one activity to another... all after a full day of work! Due to living emergent and in chaos, our eating often reflects exactly how we are living our lives. We are becoming more and more disconnected from our family and friends (we are often plugged into something), and more and more disconnected from our food due to the convenience of overly processed, factory to freezer to microwave to hovering over the steaming box on the counter top; many of us don't even touch food anymore!

If you want to reclaim eating whole food & living whole & fulfilled; welcome to Integrative Health Club. I know that you have much to share... we all have an important story, and I look forward to yours.